This first ARSINOE clustering seminar about the “Impact of Grey-Green infrastructures on climate change” was held successfully on Wednesday, the 6th of July. The seminar was chaired by the Water Europe Green-Grey Infrastructures Vision Leadership Team lead by Frans van de Ven (Deltares) and dedicated to the partners of the sisters projects ARSINOE, TRANSFORMAR, IMPETUS and REGILIENCE. This seminar built a discussion arena about the perspectives and the opportunities given of grey and green water to contributing to address the water management and climate change challenges from a systemic vision.

ARSINOE project foresees to facilitate a fundamental transformation of economic, social and financial systems that will trigger exponential change in decarbonisation rates and strengthen climate resilience. It will support communities and scientists in efficiently evaluating environmental and economic effects of climate change and understanding the impact of possible interventions by citizens and multidisciplinary scientists.

Having this in mind, Water Europe facilitates the knowledge transfer and exploitation by organising a series of seminars on common topics to discuss gaps and synergies with the purpose of leading the discussion towards building a stronger and clearer vision of future actions on available technologies and reinforced decision-making processes, including the social, environmental, and economic dimensions. The scope of these events is to create a critical mass of exchanged knowledge, intelligence, and experience and capitalise, disseminate, and exploit this critical mass for different or combined purposes for policy development, further R&I collaboration, and market uptake of innovations. More seminars and clustering activities will follow. Stay tuned.