Dr Marco Dettori (AGRIS), leading the work on the ARSINOE Case study #9 in Sardinia will participate in ECOMONDO – The Green Technology Expo in Rimini, Italy on the 9th of November. This event is one of the reference events in Europe for the ecological transition. It will focus on the circular economy, ecological transition and sustainability in all sectors.

To this occasion, Dr Marco Dettori and his AGRIS colleague and ARSINOE partner Dr Gianluca Carboni will be presenting the ARSINOE project and the conducted experiences in Sardinia aimed at enhancing and stabilizing durum wheat yields in order to guarantee food security in climate change-prone areas of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Their presentation entitled: “Fertilisation with SOA. Eco-sustainability and food safety at the heart of EU policies”, will be included in the session: Innovative agronomic practices.

More precisely, their presentation will focus on a 3-year plotted trial comparing the effect of mineral and organic Nitrogen (N) fertilisation on durum wheat yield and soil fertility.

Despite its positive effect on yield, traditional mineral fertilisation is based on the manufacture of N fertilisers through an energy intensive process associated with high greenhouse gas emissions. Their application to land causes high nitrous emission, contributing to global warming, and can leach in waterways, contributing to groundwater pollution.

In contrast, organic fertilisers deriving from an innovative fast humification process of Animal By-Products (i.e. skin and bones) in a circular economy context can play a key role to maintain or improve soil fertility and contribute to climate change adaptation or mitigation.

Dr Dettori and Dr Carboni will show that organic fertilisers can successfully replace traditional mineral N fertilisation and contribute to preserve or restore the long term natural soil fertility.

These preliminary results can lead to a new model of economically competitive agriculture, more efficient in the use of resources, more responsible towards the environment and society and fully oriented towards sustainable production.

If you are interested in joining the event, we invite you to register now.