ARSINOE was succesfully presented at the #cemepe2022 conference, held in Mykonos on June 03-09. The project’s coordinator Chrysi Laspidou introduced the keynote speech at the conference opening. On the Monday 6th of June from 11 am to 14 pm, the workshop “Transformational pathways for regional resilience. Kick-starting coordination between Innovation Action projects” took place with the objectives of: 

  • Getting to know each other 
  • Mapping synergies and important activities to maximize the projects’ interaction and knowledge sharing in the next years/ discuss coordination activities within the project cluster 
  • Comparing the indicator frameworks of the four projects, in order to identify possible synergies and collaboration
  • Exchanging between partners analyzing the same or similar case studies
  • Setting the scene for the workshop to take place at EURESFO22

The CEMEPE2022 conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between diverse groups of the scientific community concerned by current issues in environmental science, engineering, and management. You can more info here.