In the city of Barcelona, during the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2023, the ARSINOE workshop titled “Paving the Path towards Climate Change” was held, focusing on the project’s contributions to climate innovation in smart cities. This event, renowned as the largest and most influential gathering on urban innovation, brought together key stakeholders from across the globe to explore and discuss the future of cities in the context of climate change.

The workshop, part of the ARSINOE project’s efforts to exploit its findings and strategies, centered around the climate challenges and innovations in six cities: Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece, Vejle in Denmark, The Hague in the Netherlands, Lisbon in Portugal, and Barcelona in Spain. Participants engaged in deep discussions on the insights gained from the ARSINOE project, aiming to identify actionable opportunities and future strategies that could drive the wider adoption of the Climate Innovation Window (CIW).

The focus of the workshop was not only on addressing current climate issues but also on laying the groundwork for a climate-resilient future. Through the ARSINOE project, stakeholders are looking to leverage innovative solutions that can be implemented across these diverse urban settings to enhance their sustainability and resilience against the backdrop of climate change.

The Smart City Expo World Congress was held on November 7-9,2023 and it serves as a pivotal platform for connecting leaders from innovative companies, governments, and organizations. It is dedicated to moving cities towards a brighter, more sustainable future by fostering discussions on urban innovation, sustainability, and climate resilience.

The ARSINOE workshop at SCEWC 2023 underscored the project’s commitment to climate innovation and the vital role of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in tackling the global challenge of climate change.