On May 10-11, a group of ARSINOE partners, including GAC Group, BRIGAID Connect and ENRICH Global met in Rome for an internal workshop to discuss the Climate Innovation Window and its potential to meet the needs of users and customers.

During the workshop, in-depth discussions were held on topics such as identifying users and customers, understanding their needs, and exploring strategies to make the Climate Innovation Window more appealing. Additionally, participants brainstormed ways to ensure the project’s long-term exploitation even after its conclusion.

Building on this internal session, an external workshop was conducted the following morning, engaging a diverse group of stakeholders. Participants included technology providers from various sectors, chemists, doctors, and other professionals. Their valuable insights and feedback helped further refine the understanding of needs and refine the Climate Innovation Window.

The external workshops, held with the assistance of Lina Liakou from the Resilience Cities Network and Chrysi Laspidou from UTH, aimed to ensure that the Climate Innovation Window aligns with real-world requirements and garners substantial support from a wide range of stakeholders.