The ARSINOE Open Tender for Innovations (OTI) aims at bringing innovators onboard of the ARSINOE project so they could get the chance to deploy their innovative solutions to support European regions enhance their resilience towards climate change.

Fundación para la Investigación del Clima (FIClima) was one of the three innovators selected as part of  the first OTI launched by ARSINOE in November 2023. FIClima will deploy its innovative software tool SICMA Canarias to provide the Canary Islands case with a friendly and ready-to-use platform that will integrate a wide selection of climate data layers and other derived indicators and variables, co-designed based on stakeholders’ requirements. This platform will include a large variety of climate information, mainly based on future climate projections at local resolution (down to 100x100m) of temperature and precipitation, obtained thanks to the application of a statistical downscaling to 10 CMIP6 climate models. Some derived variables will also be calculated to enrich the information provided, mainly tailored to the case study needs, like evapotranspiration.

Furthermore, other layers that facilitate the visualization of the information can be uploaded and it will have a total availability for future extensions of the functionalities and variables provided. Local workshops will also take place to co-define specific variables of use for local stakeholders and help in the design of adaptation measures and validation of the economic and social impact. They will also serve to disseminate results and train stakeholders in the proper use of the tool.

Through its software tool, FIClima will support and aim at resolving challenges such as heavy precipitations, pluvial floods, droughts and heatwaves which Canary Islands are facing.

Stay tuned to learn more about our two other winners of the ARSINOE first OTI in the coming weeks.