ARSINOE has unveiled an insightful factsheet on the role of Virtual Reality (VR) in enhancing citizen engagement and training for climate change adaptation. This innovative approach, highlighted in the Athens Metropolitan Area (AMA) Case Study, aims to bolster citizens’ adaptive capacity through immersive experiences.

Virtual Reality in ARSINOE is designed to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Showcase Possible Scenarios: VR will present the potential future scenarios and pathways generated from the AMA Living Labs, offering a vivid exploration of different environmental outcomes.
  2. Elicit Citizen Preferences: The immersive experience will gather valuable insights into citizen preferences regarding climate change strategies.
  3. Engage and Stimulate Dialogue: By engaging participants in a virtual environment, ARSINOE VR will facilitate constructive dialogue between stakeholders and foster a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

ARSINOE VR immerses users in a journey through alternative futures, demonstrating the consequences of various environmental protection and climate change mitigation paths. This experience will be available in two distinct versions, providing a comprehensive tool for training and engagement.

To learn more about the innovative use of Virtual Reality in ARSINOE and how it can enhance climate change adaptation, explore the factsheet here.