If you are thinking of submitting an application to ARSINOE’s first Open Tender for Innovations and you have some questions, join the upcoming info sessions with BRIGAID Connect to get answers.

We are looking for solutions that can help regions and communities across Europe increase their resilience to extreme heat, water scarcity, drought, water pollution and/or floods.
If your innovation can achieve this but you have questions about the tendering process, we invite you to join our info sessions to get them cleared.

When will these sessions take place and how long will they last?

The info sessions will be held on Tuesday 6 June 2023 at 14:00h CEST and Tuesday 4 July 2023 at 14:00h CEST. They will last up to one hour.

Do I have to attend both sessions?

Not necessarily. At the start of the sessions BRIGAID Connect will provide a general overview of the open tender, which will be the same in both sessions. The rest of the session will be dedicated to open questions from the participants. Since the questions asked will probably be different, you could benefit from listening to them and our responses.

If you want to register and participate in the info sessions, please visit this website.