On Friday, 15th of July 2022 the Living Lab ”Main River Basin“ was successfully started in Würzburg, Germany. Stakeholders from different sectors came together to discuss the challenges the region faces due to climate change.

The Main river basin is a densely populated and intensively used area of about 25,000 km² which is already subject to significant challenges and competitions for its water, land and energy. The effects of climate change are expected to lead to a strong increase of summer droughts and heatwaves due to significantly higher temperatures and a strong decrease of summer precipitation. At the same time, the risk of winter floods increases significantly due to heavier precipitation in this season. This will have considerable consequences for almost all actors in agriculture, forestry, water and energy management.

At present the region is, like many in Europe, facing a period of heatwaves and drought with heightened risk of forest fires. During the workshop on Friday participants from administration, public utilities, fisheries, shipping, agriculture, environmental NGOs and civil society discussed the consequences of climate change for the region. Debates centred on water resource management, especially water scarcity. In addition to elaborating on current challenges participants suggested ideas for solutions.

The diversity of the group contributed to a lively debate and participants appreciated the opportunity to make new connections.