What will a climate-resilient future be like? In the ARSINOE case study “Main River Basin” stakeholders met for a second time in November to debate and sketch a vision of a climate-resilient state of the Main region in 2050. This vision marks the target condition for the required transformation process, which will be discussed in a third workshop in the Living Lab to be held in early summer of 2023.

During a first workshop in July 2022, a diverse group of stakeholders had found common ground debating the challenges global change will pose in the future along the Main River Basin. They agreed that a joint effort and cross-sectoral strategies for addressing the consequences of climate change are indispensable.

In awareness of the identified challenges, participants of the November workshop collaborated in taking a step forward to formulate an idealistic vision of the future. Representatives from public administration, public utility companies, agriculture, viticulture and forestry as well as fishing, shipping and environmental groups discussed how land use must have changed by 2050, how the management of water resources must have shifted and who has to cooperate to ensure higher levels of climate-resilience.

The lively debate resulted in many creative ideas. They will be combined into a vision of 2050 that is intended to inspire and motivate further action for climate-resilience. Next, we will formulate possible transformation pathways leading from the present to 2050, based on our vision of the future. Let’s make our climate-resilient utopia a reality.